“I believe the highest calling of an actor is the practice of compassion, only then we can truly step into the shoes of those whose stories we share.”                               Debra De Liso

Debra De Liso loves sharing the JOY of acting. She has been a devoted theatre teacher at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for 18 years, and at USC for 15. She also teaches her own private classes where her students learn Debra’s philosophy of experiential learning through  “theatre of compassion.” She is a critically acclaimed actor, director, choreographer, playwright, with over 400 original solo plays under her dramaturgy and direction.


Debra’s playwriting workshops have transformed lives in prisons, for artists with disabilities, and girls with Turner Syndrome. Debra won the 2014 Rainbow Award from the LA Women’s Theatre Festival for her decades of work creating theatre in multi-cultural and diverse communities.

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